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Why Symmetric?

Invest & Earn
Pool Variety
Multiple Networks
Low Fees



Token Event

At launch, there are 100,000 coins.

25,000 coins are to be sold in a private sale
13,000 coins will be held by operations
2,000 coins are allocated to community
60,000 will be held in the risk fund
  • Coin name:Symmetric
  • Ticker Symbol:SYMM



Road Map

May 2021

Publish developer builds for xDai, Kovan, Sokol, Celo and Alfajores. Publish release candidate for xDai, Kovan and Sokol. Complete private sale. Deploy to DAO.

June 2021

Launch officially on xDai. Launch officially on Celo. List Symm coin on first exchanges. Begin decentralising control through DAO.

July 2021

Release candidate build on Polygon. Add to more exchanges.

Q4 2021

Release bridge to ensure links between Ethereum main network, xDai, Celo and Polygon allow for easy swapping across networks


Continue to grow community. Continue to improve ability to route and swap across networks. Release build on Ethereum main network



Affordable For All

Cheaper gas means more of the fee goes back to the liquidity provider. Even small stakes now earn opening up DeFi to everyone.

Cheaper Swaps

Lower gas fees allows for low cost swaps. Create ESG pools and other positive pools to encourage swapping of certain asset classes.

Different Pool Types

Up to 8 token types per pool. Create trading pairs, index funds, investor syndicates, accelerators, ESG funds and more

Lower risks

The Symmetric tokenomics model maintains an insurance fund that pays out in the event of losses due to compromised assets and other events.


The Symmetric launchpad will be used to support the creation and launch of new DeFi products and token events on the exchange.

DAO Governance

Symmetric is to be DAO owned and controlled to channel benefits back to liquidity providers, developers and active community members.


Frequency Asked Questions

Symmetric is noncustodial and so you hold and are responsible for the coins that you stake. Symmetric provides the services for staking and swapping but does not control the coins that you stake.

We will be adding support for as many wallets as possible but initially we support MetaMask and Wallet Connect wallets. We recommend using the Cent wallet which is our primary wallet for testing. Download the Cent wallet here.

We believe that a decentralised financial service should be governed in a decentralised way by its stakeholders to ensure the incentives and rewards flow back to value creators. To accommodate this principle we are placing governance under a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) where the voting power for large decisions rests with the community members and liquidity providers.

We are using DAOhaus to administer the DAO which can be found at https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x64/0xfbf938211af2b7aaf0c87cf522355d837f3f4ca4

Through this DAO, anyone can raise proposals that token holders can discuss and vote on.

The Symmetric tokenomics model issues SYMM coins as a bonus reward to stakeholders bringing value to the Symmetric ecosystem.

Liquidity providers earn SYMM coins by staking coins in pools.

Community members earn SYMM coins by actively working on the Symmetric product such as development work, bug bounties, community events, innovation work and community building.

The operations team earns SYMM coin by actively supporting the Symmetric ecosystem including ongoing development work, management and day to day operations.

Some SYMM coins are also converted each week into other coins that are held in an insurance risk fund.

Liquidity providers who lose money due to an event such as a compromised or crashed asset can put in a claim to the insurance risk fund. This fund grows over time by converting some SYMM coins each week into other assets that are held by this fund. This risk fund helps to reduce risk for liquidity providers, something we feel is necessary in todays DeFi market.

We believe in the principles of a fair launch which doesn’t reward groups with large pre-mined token holdings prior to a product or service launch. Typically in an ICO there is a large pre-mined allocation of coins to founders giving a quick secured reward. A fair launch has a smaller or no pre-mine and so value flows out to beneficiaries from the start of a project.

DeFi products do need liquidity at launch and there are always costs associated to launching a product or service and so we opted to follow the general principles of a fair launch but to also have a small private sale to raise funds primarily for launch liquidity pools plus launch and operational costs. In total, the private sale has raised around $140,000 with the token distribution shown in the chart at the top of this page.

There is a Medium post that discusses the details of the tokenomics model and project that can be found by clicking here.

  1. Open Metamask, and select “Custom RPC” from the Network Dropdown.
  2. In the “Custom RPC” Settings, add in the xDai network details and click Save:

Note: Chain ID 0x64 is the hexadecimal equivalent of 100, which is the xDai chain ID. MetaMask recently updated the ChainID to be a required field. When you update, you may need to reenter the Chain ID: 100, and it will be converted to hexadecimal: 0x64.

If you are having issues, try entering 100 for Chain ID and resaving the configuration.


Symmetric is an Automated Market Maker on xDai & Celo that allows anyone to create liquidity pools. These pools are automatically rebalanced and generate fees for liquidity providers. forked from balancer, symmetric was built with skyrocketing Ethereum gas prices in mind, to make DeFi accessible to all