Where users can earn additional incentives for staking their LP tokens
Launch Farms
Smart contracts issuing continuous rewards on select pools and tokens
June 2022
Reward tokens
Can be any whitelisted token*
*Project Discretion
Contract addrress
Can vary depending on pool. It is recommended to check before staking*
*Contract addresses can vary
What Are farms?
Symmetric Farms are Smart Contracts which reward users with additional incentives on top of swap fees, for staking their liquidity provider tokens (LP tokens)

What are the rewards?
Rewards can vary based on the pool. Please note that NOT ALL pools have farms. It is recommended that users check which reward farms are active, at least once a week.

What are the risks?
In addition to idiosyncratic risk (project specific risk), token holders are also exposed to network specific and smart contract risk. Please make sure you understand these risks before participating.

It is strongly recommended to only use capital you are comfortable losing in its entirety.

Supported Networks

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